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Zu den zentralen Ansprechpartnern bei CSW Rechtsanwälte Steuerberater Wirtschaftsprüfer zählen Isabell Conrad, die neben Digitalisierungs- und IT-rechtlichen Themen auch zum Datenschutz und zur IT-Sicherheit berät und zudem die Themenfelder E-Commerce, Open Source Software und das Softwareurheberrecht abdeckt, und Jochen Schneider (IT-Verträge, insbesondere Softwarelizenz-Verträge, Datenbankrecht und Datenschutz).

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‘Perfekt aufeinander abgestimmt, einzelne Themenbereiche greifen gut ineinander.’

‘Sehr kompetent, großer Wissensschatz, Ausarbeitungen verständlich und klar strukturiert, sehr flexibel in der Terminfindung, schnell erreichbar.’


At CSW, we pride ourselves on our ability to navigate the complex and ever-evolving landscape of IT and data protection law, ensuring that our clients are not only compliant, but strategically positioned to thrive in the digital age. Specialized in IT, data protection, public and IP law we are able to provide legal advice at the cutting-edge. We help our clients to navigate the increasingly complex regulatory environment in EU data legislation. CSW’s consistent ranking as a top-tier IT- and data protection law firm is not only a reflection of our unwavering commitment to excellence, but also a testament to our unparalleled expertise in providing first-class legal advice.

Isabell Conrad plays a outstanding role in the field of IT and data protection, renowned for her expertise in guiding clients through a spectrum of complex challenges. Her skills range from managing critical emergencies to providing strategic advice on innovative business models.

Dr. Carsten Siara‘s expertise in IT, data protection, intellectual property (IP) law, and trademark law places him at a critical intersection of several highly relevant and evolving legal fields.

Prof. Jochen Schneider is a trailblazer and one of the foremost pioneers in the field of IT and data protection law. His seminal work, a comprehensive and formative handbook on IT law, stands as a testament to his profound influence and thought leadership in this domain.

Department Name Email Telephone
Data protection law, IT law, IT security, IT contract law, Telecommunications, telecommunications data protection; Procurement, EVB-IT (i.e. Supplementary Terms of Contract for the Procurement); litigation Isabell Conrad isabell.conrad@csw.legal +49 89 543 49-120
Copyright, Media, media supervision and press law, Antitrust law, competition and trade mark law, Data protection law, IT security, compliance; litigation Dr. Carsten Siara carsten.siara@csw.legal +49 89 543 49-120
Multimedia, E-Commerce, Mobile Commerce; IT contract law/General Terms and Conditions and IT projects Dr. Alin Seegel alin.seegel@csw.legal +49 89 543 49-120
Data protection law, IT law, IT security, IT contract law, Telecommunications, telecommunications data protection; Procurement, EVB-IT (i.e. Supplementary Terms of Contract for the Procurement) Prof. Dr. Jochen Schneider jochen.schneider@csw.legal +49 89 543 49-120
Labour law, litigation Ludwig Antoine ludwig.antoine@csw.legal +49 89 543 49-120
Data protection law, EU data law, AI law Nicolas Kötter nicolas.koetter@csw.legal +49 89 543 49-120
Tax law, Tax structuring and organisation (national and international) Matthias Kastenbauer matthias.kastenbauer@ssw-tax.de +49 89 543 49-400
Commercial criminal law (especially IT-related) Ines M. Hassemer ines.hassemer@csw.legal +49 89 543 49-120
Data protection law, IT contract law, International contract law, Administrative law and social law Sr. Christina Treeger christina.treeger@csw.legal +49 89 543 49-120
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