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From the Editor

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The Legal 500 Latin America 2023 is now online. Please use the menu to navigate through the practice areas.

These rankings reflect detailed analysis of law firm submissions and thousands of interviews with GCs and private practice lawyers, conducted by our team of experienced researchers.

While we have limited the number of new sections included this year – basically just adding a new international City Focus section for Houston – the volatility and competitiveness of the market has been such that simply keeping abreast with the changes in each distinct market has been no small challenge. We have, however, in line with The Legal 500’s other regional additions, added the ‘Hall of Fame’ category to our individual listings. This is not a step on the road towards ranking individuals, but does allow us an additional category in which to reflect the achievements of senior market figures whose longevity at the forefront of a given sector lifts them into -quite literally- another category. We believe this constitutes a useful additional distinction allowing readers to fully identify both the firms and individuals that may be of interest for their requirements.

As regards feedback and queries, if you wish to get in contact please use our FAQ (frequently asked questions) page, here: www.legal500.com/faqs.

In the interim, may I thank all the law firms and clients who have helped with the tremendous effort it has taken to produce this new edition of The Legal 500 Latin America during what, the abeyance of the Covid-pandemic not withstanding, has been a year of ceaseless change and tumult across the region. While not everyone can appear in a Tier 1 position, I hope that you will all feel that your firm has been fairly considered.

Finally, while I’m sure none of us wish to consider it as we launch the 2023 edition, I note that the documentation (submission forms, client spreadsheets, etc.), along with relevant deadlines, will be posted on the Latin America submissions page by the end of November.

With my best regards to all, Tim

Tim Girven Editor, The Legal 500 Latin America

Current rankings and information taken from The Legal 500 Latin America 2023 edition.

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